Monday, 16th October, 2017

07:30 – 08:30         Registration Foyer

08:30 – 08:45                     

Welcome address for 8th APCST2017 Conference Hall A
Professor Mickey Scheinowitz, Conference Chair

Professor Aleksandar Subic, Conference Chair, Deputy Vice Chancellor R&D, Swinburne University

Professor Franz Konstantin Fuss, Conference Chair, Swinburne University

08:45 – 09:15                    Keynote Presentation Hall A
The Origin and Evolution of APCST – From Melbourne to Tel Aviv, a Transformative Journey from Research to Innovation

Prof. Aleksander Subic, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Development

Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

Parallel Sessions
09:15-10:30                                        Paralympic Technologies      Hall A
Shayke Hutzler, Chairperson
Opening and Welcome

Dr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Dekel – President, Israel Paralympic committee

Invited Symposium: Equipment & Technology in Paralympic Sports

  Hall A
09:15-10:45                                                                                               Sports Materials and Manufacturing    Hall B
Hugo Espinosa, Chairperson
09:15 Customizing Shoe Insoles through CAD-FEM Modelling

Toh Yen Pang, Jerrit Kloster, Markus Eckelt, Amit Jadhav, Franz Konstantin Fuss

09:30 Automatization of Splint Fitting for Patient-Specific 3D Printing

Maayan Elimelech, Nina Barmin, Yafa Levanon, Sigal Portnoy


09:45  Review of Modelling and Additive Manufacturing of Auxetic Materials for Application in Sport

Todd Shepherd, Heather Driscoll, Keith Winwood, Praburaj Venkatraman, Andrew Alderson and Tom Allen

10:00 Fabrication of Auxetic Foam Sheets for Sports Applications

Tom Allen, Trishan Hewage, Chloe Newton-Mann, Todd Shepherd, Weizhuo Wang, Olly Duncan and Andrew Alderson

10:15                                 Design of Sports Compression Garments: Exploring the Relationship Between Pressure Distribution and Body Dimensions

Kristina Brubacher, Phoebe Apeagyei, Praburaj Venkatraman, David Tyler

10:30 Development of an All-New Ski with Anisotropic Coupling Effects by Using a Life Cycle Engineering Methodology

J.Kaufmann, M. Fleischmann, C. Ehemann, H. Cebulla

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit                                                                            Foyer
 11:15-11:45 Plenary Session 2       

Shuki Dekel, Chairperson

 Keynote Presentation                                                               

Global Trends in Sports Tech and Overview of the Israeli Ecosystem

Yonatan Gorfung, Deloitte’s Innovation Tech Terminal

Hall A
 11:45-13:00      Paralympic Technology- Oral Presentations                                                                       Hall A
Shayke Hutzler, Chairperson
 11:45  Understanding Elite Performance: Performance Analysis of Wheelchair Basketball Using Inertial Sensors

Jonathan Shepherd

 12:00 The Effect of Prolonged Effort on Bilateral Asymmetry in Running in Traumatic Trans   

                                            Tibial Amputees Using Running Specific Prostheses

Dikla Goor Prihed

 12:15 Development of an Instrumented Wheelchair for the In Field Evaluation of Structural Loads during Wheelchair Rugby

Nicola Petrone


12:30 Deep Tissue Loads in the Seated Buttocks on A Foam Off-Loading Wheelchair Cushion Versus an Adjustable Air-Cell-Based Cushion: Finite Element Studies

Lea Peko Cohen


11:45-13:00                                                                               Sports Injuries, Prevention and Rehabilitation  Hall B
G. Kakavas and R. Golan, Chairpersons
11:45 Tibial Morphology, Muscle Strength and Stress Fractures- a Computational Model 

Amir Hadid

12:00 Excision of Hook of Hamate Fractures in Elite Baseball Players:  Outcomes and Surgical Technique

Gilad Eisenberg

12:15 Expedited Return to Play Following Intramedullary Headless Screw Fixation of Metacarpal Fractures in Elite Athletes

Gilad Eisenberg

12:30 Bioartificial Fat Tissue for Injuries Healing: Adipose Tissue Engineering Construction in 3D Matrigel-Collagen Extracellular Matrix

Orna Sharabani-Yosef

13:00-14:00                       Lunch and Exhibition Visit
14:00-14:30 Plenary Session 3  Hall A
Yuval Heled, Chairperson

Keynote Presentation: Breaking2 marathon attempt

Matthew Nurse,

VP / Nike Explore Team – Sport Research Lab

 14:30-16:00  Paralympic Technology                                                              Hall A
Shayke Hutzler, Chairperson
 14:30 Technology and Sports Injury Prevention

Prof. Dr. Daniel Theisen, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Luxemburg

 15:15 Effective Feedback: Current Technological Innovation to Monitor Athletic Performance, and Useful Methodological Approach to Feedback Your Athlete

Dr. Osnat Fliess Douer, The Academic College at Wingate Institute

 14:30-15:15  General Sports Technology                                                        Hall B
 F. Fuzz, Chairperson
 14:30 New Concepts for “Return to Sport” and Performance Testing

The Speedlab, Dr. Bjoern Zimmermann

 14:45 Evolution of Medical Technologies in the Israeli Olympic Team: From Athens-2004 towards Tokyo-2020

Rotem Kislev Cohen

 15:00 A Novel Portable Motion Analysis System for Assessing the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) Test

Gali Dar

16:00- 16:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit                                                               Foyer
16:30-17:30 Paralympic session: meet the industry                                 Optimizing running and jumping prosthesis

Athletes’ Panel – How Technology is Affecting my Sporting Career

Hall A
Moderator: Inbal Pezaro, Swimmer (9 Paralympic Medals)
Moran Samuel – Rower (Medallist from Rio)

Kobi Lion and Meir Carmon – Cyclist & coach (Medallist from London)

Adi  Deutsch – Runner with Flex-Foot Cheetah prosthetic (6 times Iron Man)

Pascale Berkovitch – Cycling, Rowing, Kayaking

Doron Shaziri – Para Shooting, Wheelchair manufacturer

Raz Shoham – Head coach, Paralympic goalball team

16:30-17:45 Sports Equipment Engineering                                                                                  Hall B
Robert Klempfner, Chairperson
16:30  The Characterisation of Bicycle Tyres and Their Impact on Event Performance for Athletes of Differing Abilities

J. Fitton, D. Symons

16:45 Evaluating the Interaction Between Rim and Brake Pad on a Test Bench

Markus Eckelt , Anton Sabo

17:00  Impact Response of Association Footballs

Jeffrey R. Kensrud , Derek Nevins, Lloyd V. Smith

17:15 Running Shoes – Possible Correlations of Biomechanical and Material Tests

Markus Eckelt , Franziska Mally, Anton Sabo, Toh Yen Pang

17:30 Effect of Warm-Up Bat Inertia on Swing Speed

Derek Nevins, Jeff Kensrud, Lloyd Smith

 19:00 Cocktail Reception
Tuesday, 17th October, 2017
 07:00-08:00   Registration                                                                                   Foyer
 08:00-08:30 Plenary Session 4                                                                            Hall A
Keynote Presentation

Y.Heled, Chairperson

Future vital signs monitoring among soldiers

Adi Leiba, Head of Academy and Research Branch, IDF Medical Corps

 08:30 – 10:00  Assessing and Improving Military Tasks                                   Hall A
Y. Heled and Y. Epstein, Chairpersons
 08:30  Physiological and Biomechanical Evaluation of A Wheeled – Assistive Device for Load Carriage – A Proposed Platform

Itay Ketko


 08:45  Metabolic Demands and Energy Systems’ contributions During Simulated Counter Terror Fighting Task (CTFT) of Elite Israeli Police Unit

Omri Inbar

 09:00  A Novel Model for the Optimization of Load Carriage Ergonomics

Amir Hadid

 09:15 Evaluation of Physical and Cognitive Performance after Simulated Road March Using a Virtual Reality Environment

Itay Ketko

 09:30    Closed-Circuit Rebreathers – Open Physiological Issues

Yehuda Arieli

 09:45  The Impact of Equipment Weight on the Dismounted Soldier`s Operational Performance, Meta-Analysis

Dor Drukarov

 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit                                                               Foyer
 10:30-11:00  Plenary Session 5                                                                       Keynote Presentation

Tony Bignell, Chairperson

Game Vision – From Theory to Practice

Erez Morag, Acceler8 Performance

 Hall A
 11:00-12:30  Soccer Club Hapoel Beer Sheba Session   Hall A
T. Bignell and G. Lebanony, Chairpersons
 11:00 Practical Application of GPS Derived Data in Elite Football

Lukasz Bortnik – Head of Sports Science (HBS)

 11:30 Modern on-field conditioning of elite footballer with the use of GPS technology

Dror Shimshon – Head of Strength and Conditioning (HBS)

 12:00 Champions – The Mental Side of Winning in a Competitive World

Eitan Azaria – Mental Coach, Head of Mental Training (HBS)

 12:30-13:30  Lunch and Exhibition Visit
13:30-14:00  Plenary Session 6                                                                   Keynote Presentation

Erez Morag, Chairperson

Injury Prevention and Prediction

Kakavas Georgios

CEO and founder Fysiotek Spine and Sports Lab, Greece

Hall A
14:00-15:30  Sport Technology Implications: From Theory to Practice. Session Chair: Yair Galily        Hall A
Y. Galily and M. Shapira, Chairpersons  
14:00  Oren Moravchik – CEO & Co-Founder@RSPCT
14:15 Gal Oz – CEO and Owner of Pixellot
14:30   Avraham Grant – Football Manager and Coach
14:45  Matteo Shapira- Intel Sports Group (ISG) Innovation in sports through ground-breaking Technologies –  Volumetric Video (Intel freeD)  use-case
15:15  Yair Galily – Founder & Head, Sport, Media and Society (SMS) Research Lab, IDC
15:45-16:15  Break and Exhibition Visit                                                        Foyer
 16:15-17:30  Smart Equipment and Wearable Technologies I                       Hall A
F. Fuzz and U. Nevo, Chairpersons
 16:15   Analyzing Action Sports Based on Jumping and Aerial Movements with Inertial Sensors and GPS Timestamp

Kazunari Ishida


The New IDF Prehospital Wearable Medical Record

Ariel Hirschhorn

 16:45  Generation of Timing and Tracking Data Via Ad-Hoc Communication between Wearables

Christoph Uran, Helmut Wöllik

 17:00 Live Monitoring of GPS Based Power Analysis During Mountain Running

Wöllik Helmut , Uran Christoph

 17:15   A Novel Wearable Chest-Strap For Non-Invasive and Non-Laboratory Identification of The Respiratory Compensation Point During Running Exercise Stress Test

Mickey Scheinowitz

 17:30  Active Wearable Systems for Medical and Sport Applications 

Albert Sabban

 17:30 -19:00 Smart Equipment and Wearable Technologies II                       Hall A
Einat Kodesh, Chairperson
 17:30 The Effect of an Exhausting 30 Minute Run on Plantar-Pressure Distribution in Experienced Long-Distance Runners

Tomer Bercovitz

 17:45  Benchmarking Study of Smart-Insole Forces

Yehuda Weizman, Adin Ming Tan, Franz Konstantin Fuss

18:00  Benchmarking of smart insoles: accuracy of the centre of pressure

Adin Ming Tan, Yehuda Weizman, Franz Konstantin Fuss

18:15  Contribution of sensor position and pressure magnitude to the position of the centre of pressure analysed with a smart insole

Franz Konstantin Fuss, Adin Ming Tan, Yehuda Weizman

18:30  Application of Low Cost Wearable Sensor System to Identify Ground Impact Loading and Shock Attenuation in Running with Different Surfaces and Stride Rate

Oren Tirosh, Michael McKay

18:45 The use of Wearable Sensor Visual Feedback to Reduce Lower Extremity Loading During Running in Obese Children

Oren Tirosh, Guy Orlan, Alon Eliakim, Dan Nemet, Nili Knopp-Steinberg

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017
 08:30-09:00 Plenary Session 7                                                                       Hall A
Mickey Scheinowitz, Chairperson
Smart Equipment and Wearable Technology: pushing boundaries of lateral innovation

Prof. Franz Konstantin Fuss

 09:00-10:15  Sports Biomechanics and Aerodynamics                                 Hall A
M. Ayalon and B. Zimmermann, Chairpersons

Peak Patellofemoral Forces While Performing the Forward Lunge Exercise with Varying Techniques

Rafael F. Escamilla,  Naiquan Zheng, Toran D. MacLeod, Rodney Imamura, Shangcheng Wang, Kevin E. Wilk, and Glenn S. Fleisig



09:15  Pitching Biomechanical Comparisons Among Fastball, Slider, Curveball, and Changeup Pitch Types in Professional Baseball Pitchers

Rafael F. Escamilla, Glenn S. Fleisig, Dave Groeschner, and Ken Akizuki

09:30  Drag Acting on a Tandem Bike and Two Pedaling Human Models

Kazuya Seo

09:45   Evaluation of Aerodynamic Drag of a Full-Scale Cyclist Model by Particle Tracking Velocimetry

W.Terra, Y.H. Shah, A. Sciacchitano

10:00  Elastic Tubes and Dumbbells Elicit Complementary Activation Patterns that are Enhanced at Higher Action Velocities

Flaminia Ronca

09:00-10:00 General Sports Technology                                                        Rimon Hall 
D. Levine and M. Mosseri, Chairpersons
 09:00  Sleep and Recovery in Professional Athletes

Mor Mizrahi

 09:20 The ‘Everest Challenge’: An Intervention Program to Promote Stairs Climbing in a Hospital Setting

Karen Bronner

 09:40 Creating a “Culture of Exercise” within the Dialysis Unit by Implementation of Intradialytic Training as Standard of Care

Karen Bronner

10:00  Prospective Validation of a novel Wearable Full 12-Lead Cardiac Telemetry System to Provide Adequate Detection and Interpretation of Ischemic STT Changes and Dysrythmic Events

Jacob Erel, Hila Dagan, Morris Mosseri

 10:15-10:45  Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit                                                          Foyer
 10:45 – 11:15  Plenary Session 8 

Rony Lidor, Chairperson  

Physical activity and sports in civil society

Avrum Burg                                                             

 Hall A
 11:15-12:30 Sports Tech Innovations                                                              Hall A
Y. Moldawsky, Z. Orron, O. Roseman, M. Orcach, A. Shapira, T. Ziv; Moderators
           11:15  Conception of an Electrical Driven Own Weight Compensating Bicycle Trailer Made of Bio-Based Materials by Using a Lean Startup Methodology

Joerg Kaufmann


11:30  Evaluating Bone Age and Predicting Young Athletes` Final Height by a Novel Ultrasound Device (SonicBone), and their Applications to Talent Selection, Training and Sports Medicine

Yuval Heled

11:45  DIFIT -Personalized Motivated Sport Training System

Alon Kimhi

12:00  Optimizing Athlete Performance by Forecasting Injury And Illness Risk

Ronen Benin

12:15 Development of Cognitive Trainers for Sports

Jacob Greenshpan

 11:15-12:30  Generating Insights from Big Data Analytics in Sports                Rimon Hall
Rony Lidor, Chairperson
 11:15   Data as a diver to decision making in sports events
R. Lidor, The Academic College at Wingate, Netanya, Israel
 11:45  Drivers of Football Match Outcomes with Data Mining: A Benchmarking Study of Italian and Israeli Statistics
E. Elyakim, R. S. Kenett, R. Lidor, A. Simonetto, P. Zuccolotto, M. Sandri and M. Carpita
The Academic College at Wingate and Big Data in Sports Lab, Department of Quantitative Methods, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy
 12:00   Performance of world class decathletes
D. BenSira and M. Arnon, The Academic College at Wingat
12:15  Big data analytics in sports: Problem based research
Elia Morgulev, The Academic College at Wingate
12:30-13:30   Lunch Break and Exhibition Visit
 13:30-14:00 Plenary Session 9   

Muli Epstein, Chairperson                                                         Keynote Presentation:

Utilization of Sports Technology in the Preparation of Team USA for RIO 2016   Olympics

Randy Wilber – US Olympic Committee

 Hall A
 14:00-15:15 Sports Tech Innovations                                                              Hall A
Y. Moldawsky, Z. Orron, Y. Gorfung, M. Orbach, M. Nurse, Moderators
 14:00  Well-Beat is an Innovative Expert System That Provides Healthcare Professionals & Organizations, Personalized Motivational Tools Designed to Dramatically Improve Treatment Regime Compliance in Chronic Patients

Ravit Ram Bar-dea


 14:15 Measure Trends in Hemodynamic Parameters using of-the-Shelf Wearable Devices Michael Kasan
 14:30 : Actionable Injury Predictions for Football Teams Based on Tracking Data

Eyal Eliakim

 14:45  Custo-Med Concept of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Ron Golan

 15:00  Cognitive Training System for Soccer Players Jacob Greenshpan
 14:00-15:15 Navigating sports technology successfully thru the regulatory maze  Rimon Hall 
G. Ginot, Chairperson
14:00  The regulatory landscape of sports technology in the US and the EU
Case studies: Understand how regulation impacts the time to market of:
14:15  “Mobile single-lead ECG devices”
14:30  ”Wearable kinesiology sensors”
14:45  “Fitness trackers”
15:00  panel discussion
 15:15 -15:45  Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit                                                                  Foyer
 15:45-16:15  Closing Ceremony  Hall A
 15:45 – 16:00 Announcement of the ISEA2018 conference: Hugo Espinoza (Griffith University)
 16:00 – 16:15  Closing address and farewell by the 3 congress chairmen
 16:30 – 17:30  Meet the Industry – B2B Session
 19:00 – 22:00  CONFERENCE BANQUET
Thursday, 19th October, 2017
08:00 – 15:00   Post-Conference professional program:

Old port of Caesarea                     

Nielsen Innovate – high tech incubator