Zvika Orron Zvika Orron joined Carmel Ventures in 2016. Zvika has more than a decade of experience in frontier technologies, through developing physiological sensors, signal processing algorithms, interpreting and deriving actionable insights out of big data sets, and the design and manufacturing of consumer electronic devices. Based on his expertise, Zvika’s areas of investment at Carmel include IoT, mobility, AR/VR, drones and wearables. Read More…
Gadi Ginot Gadi Ginot (M.B.A, M.Sc) – the CEO and founder of Physio-Logic accelerated medical device approval and compliance solutions. Gadi has over 20 years’ experience in the development and execution of international regulatory strategies for breakthrough technologies. Gadi is multidisciplinary professional mastering medical device regulations, quality assurance as well as clinical trials. The synergies that are bought forward by Gadi enabled corporate as well as start-up medical device firms navigate effectively thru the regulatory maze, speed time-to-market and boost return on investment. Gadi is a Physiologists (M.Sc) by training and M.B.A graduate .

Yonatan Gorfung


Yonatan leads the SportsTech and IoT sectors in Deloitte’s Innovation Tech Terminal (ITT), promoting initiatives and creating strong relationships in these segments of the Israeli ecosystem.

Yonatan had scouted for major multinational companies searching for innovative technologies in the sports tech and IoT areas, and worked with startups to help them prepare for these opportunities. He is conducting continuous research on trends and developments in these fields globally and locally, particularly on startups disrupting these industries, building a wide knowledge base and network for ITT clients.

Prior to his work at Deloitte, Yonatan acquired experience in research and analysis from his previous work in the National Bank of Israel and a public sector consulting firm.

Matteo Shapira

Matteo is a world leading expert and innovator in the field of image synthesis and computer graphics. During the past 20 years Matteo had worked on numerous high-end award-winning visual effects, animation, and CGI projects. As co-founder and CTO of Replay Technologies, recently acquired by Intel – Matteo has been pioneering the freeD™ (free dimensional video) Volumetric Video technology and format, and is now responsible for Intel Sports Innovations. As part of his career, Matteo has been teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Israel as a senior member of staff.

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