Caesarea Tour

Caesarea, Sebastos  Harbor  the biggest adventure of Herod’s the great.

Caesarea is one of the richest archaeological sites in Israel. This urban center that was founded by King Herod ,22-10 B.C., was a port of great vitality that survived until the thirteenth century.

Building artificial harbor in the open sea with imported materials from all over the Mediterranean and marine engineers was one of the biggest logistic project have been done at that time.

During the last 50 years’ archaeologists, both on land and underwater have discovered many of the secrets of Caesarea. Using new technologists of surveys gave us the opportunity to look at all harbor at different layers and together with underwater archaeology excavations (based on data collected by new technologies) enabling us to reconstruct what the harbor was like.

We will meet at Caesarea National park, and will visit the harbor, the new land excavations and conservation that will bring Caesarea to the next step of Tourist visiting site (Today, Caesare is the second most popular site on the tourists visiting in Israel)

Tour time : 3- 4 hours.